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1. 15 Affrication occurs when the alveodental stops /t/ and /d/ are followed by a front high vowel. Outputs vary across lects: place of articulaton may remain the same, yielding [ts] and [dz], or palatalisation may occur, yielding [δ] and []]. The two variants are shown in (25) and (26), respectively. (25) a. i t -> j d b. ' a. i t -> δ b. 2. Rounding and vowel harmony There are two processes of vowel rounding in Fongbe; they involve rounding of the high vowel /i/. Both processes are restricted in their application, since they occur only in loanwords and in some affixes.

Segmental inventories The vowel system of Fongbe, shown in (1), consists of seven oral and seven nasal vowels, including two high nasal vowels (see Brillon—Brousseau 1986; Capo 1985b, 1991). (1) INVENTORY OF VOWELS IN FONGBE a. Front High Mid-high Mid-low Central Back u ο ο i e ε a NASAL Low b. 1 This inventory is both phonemic and phonetic, with the following exceptions: the nasal vowels lei and /δ/ may be phonetically realised as such in only 162. Overview of the phonology three lects (two Vhe lects and one Gen lect).

Third, verbs which participate in the double object construction also participate in the serial verb construction. g. ) are not the same in the double object construction and in the serial verb construction. Finally, the Fongbe data suggest that the variation (between speakers and between languages) in the range of verbs that can participate in the double object construction can be accounted for along two dimensions: semantics and case. The definite determiner, which plays a central role in the nominal structure (chapter 3) and in some subordinate clauses (chapter 7), also plays an important role in the structure of the Fongbe simple clause (chapter 15).

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