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Tion position, and the gypsum is placed upon it in such a that its orientation and that of the crystal coincide. the mineral is positive, it will lower the interference tint if A quartz of the gypsum negative, it will raise it. wedge may be used in a similar way. If, on inserting it above the slice, with its principal axis in the same direction, way If ; A MANUAL OF PETROLOGY 26 added to that of the crystal, the latter is positive If, on the contrary, the tint is lowered as the wedge is moved until compensation and consequently darkness ensues, the crystal is negative.

6 to 7. 24. H= . G aggregates, but resists ordinary weathering. Chemically, A MANUAL OF PETROLOGY behaves and like andalusite. In sections Always occurs as colourless. it is 51 transparent thin, straight prisms, usually forming fibrous aggregates. The prism cross-sections are lozenge-shaped or octaangle is 97 The cleavage is parallel to the macropinacoid, gonal. but a cross- fracture is more characteristic, the mineral always breaking in preference to bending. R. I. moderate tints as high as blues and greens of the second order.

A w lyo te> very irregular forms skeleton crystals. no cleavSometimes twinned on O Occasionally : age traces. I. very high. Occurs in nearly all the igneous rocks, and is widely also found in sands, distributed in the metamorphic ones ; sandstones, etc. 2. TiO 2 Tetragonal. H = 6| HC1 or HF, but soluble in hot H 2 SO 4 fused with carbonate of soda and then boiled with tinfoil in HC1 it gives a violet colouration. Sometimes alters to the . ; soluble in ; whitish substance called leucoxene, but resists ordinary surface weathering almost completely.

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