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To grasp such a fact means taking a perspective of consideration that as yet we simply do not have, since the state of knowledge (or purported knowledge) has not reached a point at which such a consideration is feasible. Any adequate world-view must recognize that the ongoing progress of scientific inquiry is a process of conceptual innovation that always leaves various facts about the things of this world wholly outside the cognitive range of the inquirers of any particular period. The properties of a thing are literally open-ended: we can always discover more of them.

It will always be possible to discern yet further levels of structured relationship. , combination rules or grammars), we can nevertheless introduce increasingly powerful means of analysis to secure new sorts of data. Consider an analogy. The chess master and the beginner make exactly the same sorts of moves - the individual pieces behave exactly alike for each of them. " An observer exclaims: 44 CHAPTER 3 "I know all about chess. " Splendid! But also naive, since this business of "the basic rules of the game" is of course merely Step One.

What we have here is a head-to-head battle between a scientific and philosophical tradition that has step by step, worked its way out of a classical absolutism. There is, obviously no safe way of predicting which side will win out - a modernity that abandons absolutism or an idealized mathematical physics that demands it. But there is no room for doubt that a contest of epic proportions is being played out - a Promethean struggle to wrest enlightenment from the reluctant gods. It will be fascinating to see the struggle unfold.

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