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Yo might want to understand every little thing during this publication if you happen to will ever fly a airplane.

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The additional airspeed provides better engine cooling, easier control, and better visibility over the nose. Normal Best angle-of-climb airspeed (Vx) gives the greatest altitude gain in the shortest horizontal distance. ” Complex or high performance airplanes may have a specified cruise climb in addition to normal climb. BEST RATE OF CLIMB—Best rate of climb (VY) is performed at an airspeed where the most excess power is available over that required for level flight. This condition of climb will produce the most gain in altitude in the least amount of time (maximum rate of climb in feet per minute).

Altitude gain/loss during the turn. CLIMBS AND CLIMBING TURNS When an airplane enters a climb, it changes its flightpath from level flight to an inclined plane or climb attitude. In a climb, weight no longer acts in a direction perpendicular to the flightpath. It acts in a rearward direction. This causes an increase in total drag requiring an increase in thrust (power) to balance the forces. An airplane can only sustain a climb angle when there is sufficient thrust to offset increased drag; therefore, climb is limited by the thrust available.

Therefore, the outside wing travels faster than the inside wing, and as a result, it develops more lift. This creates an overbanking tendency that must be controlled by the use of the ailerons. [Figure 3-10] Because the outboard wing is developing more lift, it also has more induced drag. This causes a slight slip during steep turns that must be corrected by use of the rudder. Sometimes during early training in steep turns, the nose may be allowed to get excessively low resulting in a significant loss in altitude.

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