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By Jerrold J. Katz, Paul M. Postal

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The authors supply a concept in regards to the nature of a linguistic description, that's, a theoretical assertion in regards to the type of description linguist is ready to provide of a usual language. This conception seeks to combine the generative belief of phonology and syntax built by means of Chomsky and Halle, with the belief of semantics proposed by means of Katz and Fodor. The authors display that the combination inside of one thought of those conceptions of phonology, syntax, and semantics clarifies, additional systematizes, and justifies every one of them. additionally they convey that such integration sheds enormous gentle upon the character of linguistic universals, that's, upon the character of language. fundamental concentration is put on the relation among the syntactic and the semantic parts of a linguistic description.

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1 - ( a n) — (bj) — (bj) — ... ) - [[2] [1] (a 2 ) ] >; where any occurrence of the same semantic marker except the first, is erased. This derived reading is assigned to the set of readings associated with SM. 10 or distinguisher , The Syntactic and Semantic Components 22 An example of an amalgamation produced by (Rl) is the joining of the reading colorful -* Adjective -* (Color) -* [Abounding in contrast or variety of bright colors] ( (Physical Object) v and the reading ball -*• Npun -* (Physical Ob(Social Activity) ject) - (Globular Shape) to produce the derived reading colorful (Physical Object) (Globular Shape) - (Color) - [Abound+ ball ing in contrast or variety of bright colors] This derived reading gives the sense that colorful ball has in the sentence .

The difference between semantic marker and distinguisher can be more fully appreciated by comparing the consequences of eliminating particular semantic markers and distinguisher s from the dictionary. In the former case, the meaning given to very many lexical items by the dictionary would be altered and so would very many semantic relations between lexical items. However, in the latter case only a few distinctions in sense which were marked by the eliminated distinguisher would no longer be marked.

This still leaves unanswered, of course, the question of which P-markers in such sentoids the PI operate on. The conclusions reached thus far leave us with two important tasks. First, it is necessary to construct the formal conceptual apparatus for the semantic component which will represent in the most economical and natural manner the generalization that no singulary transformation affects meaning, i. e. that sentences without generalized transformations in their T- markers are fully interpreted semantically by PI alone.

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