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By Milton McC Gatch, Carl T. Berkhout

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Subjectless Sentences in Child Language". 491-504. _____. 1993. 721-734. Boser, Katharina. 1995. "Verb Initial Utterances in Early Child German: A Study of the Interaction of Grammar and Pragmatics. Proceedings of the 27th Stanford Child Language Forum, ed. Eve V. Clark. Stanford, Cal: CSLI. Brown, Roger. 1973. A First Language: The Early Stages. : Harvard University Press. Gerken, LouAnn. 1991. "The Metrical Basis for Children's Subjectless Sen­ tences". 1-21. Grinstead, John. 1995. "The Emergence of Nominative Case Assignment in Child Catalan and Spanish".

1. Old French word order Word order in Old French was considerably moreflexiblethan that of its mod­ ern counterpart. 217) (Foulet 1980 §451) 2 More recently, Chomsky (1995:352) has suggested that AGR in fact does not exist, a somewhat controversial claim. For the purposes of this paper, we continue to posit the existence of AGR. 3 The abbreviations I will use in this work are as follows: lsg (first person singular); 2sg (second person singular); 3sg (third person singular); 1pl (first person plural); 2pl (second person plural); 3pl (third person plural).

Child: Comiendo la hierbas. 66 Construction and Examples Arbitrary Plural Subject: 2;06 "Están llamando a la puerta, ¿eh? 66 Construction and Examples Flip verbs: 2;03 *Eto te has caído (There is also a se missing) 'This to you (you) have fallen' ('This has fallen on you') 2;03 * Me gusta los gatitos 'To me pleases cats' ('I like cats') 2;06 *¿ Te gustas pan? , present) gum' Wrong person agreement: 2;00 * Se fues a dormir (should be fueron) '(They) go (3sg, past, plural) to sleep' Null copula: *Esto no bueno 'This no good' *Esto un palo 'This a stick' * ¿ Qué eto?

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