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Despite, or even larger by way of advantage of, its very brevity, visual appeal and experience is a tricky textual content to learn and comprehend, rather if we make the try independently of Husserl's principles I. this can be definitely not less than partly due to the motive in the back of Shpet's paintings. at the one hand it strives to offer Husserl' s newest perspectives to a Russian philosophical viewers no longer but conversant with and, in all probability, now not even conscious of, his transcendental idealist flip. With this target any studying could perforce be exacting. but, however, Shpet has made scant concession to his public. certainly, his textual content is much more compressed, specifically within the the most important components facing the sense-bestowing function of realization, than Husserl' s personal. For all that, Shpet has now not bequeathed to us easily an abbreviated paraphrase nor a selective statement on principles I, even though at many issues it's only that. quite, the textual content more often than not is a severe engagement with Husserl' s inspiration, the place Shpet between different issues refonnulates or a minimum of provides Husserl's phenomenology from the point of view of hoping to light up a standard philosophical challenge in a thorough demeanour. because Husserl's textual content was once released merely in 1913 and Shpet's seemed someday in the course of 1914, the latter should have been conceived, proposal via, and written in impressive haste. certainly, Shpet had already comprehensive a primary draft and used to be busy with a revision of it through the tip of 1913.

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9 At the same time and in connection with this the determination of intuitions of essences certainly does not include a determination of empirical existence, and mere statements about essences do not contain any assertions at all concerning facts. In any case, from them alone it is impossible to draw conclusions concerning factual truths. Thus, in spite of their intimate "connection" and even of the "inseparability" of the eidos from the individual, we cannot fmd anything "in common" between them except for their formal trait of immediate originary givenness.

16. Aster, op. , p. 49. 17. , pp. 34-35. Translator's Notes a. Shpet has Kant in mind here. b. " c. Cf. Ideas, p. " d. Cf. Ideas, pp. 40-42. e. e. of phenomenology's Object of study. f. Cf. Aristotle's words in the Metaphysics: "A further difficulty is raised by the fact that all knowledge is of universals and of the 'such,' but substance is not a universal, but is rather a 'this' - a separable thing ... " The Basic Works of Aristotle, ed. 854. g. Although Shpet's peculiar formulati()n here, at least in terms of its spirit, has roots deep within Husserl' s own thought, it can also be found, and indeed in so many words, in Aristotle.

H There is good reason to speak here of an object of a distinctive genus and of an intuition of a distinctive genus, since it is a question not of a simple superficial analogy but actually of something universal. "i But at the same time it goes without saying Experiencing and Ideal Intuition 15 that this intuition must be carefully and fundamentally distinguished from empirical intuition. j It is worth our while to look closer into the character of both "sorts" of intuition in order to make as clear as possible their relation to each other and to avoid misunderstanding in the future.

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